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Our CX+ Platform helps teams better understand their customers, visualise their journeys and run impactful customer experience experiments.

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CX transformation
made simple.

The CX+ Platform brings together your customer experience transformation into one simple, beautiful platform. It allows you to easily create structured personas, map your customer journeys, and manage your CX experiments in one central customer knowledge library.

Create meaningful customer personas

CX+ helps teams use a structured and visual approach to create a robust library of customer personas.

Map your customer journeys

Based on an adaption of the Service Blueprint, our interactive journey map tool creates beautiful interactive journey maps.

Plan and implement CX Experiments

Put your CX into action and use our unique CX Experiment approach to plan, monitor and measure your CX improvement ideas.

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All the features you need to
run an impactful CX program.


Beautiful, structured customer personas

Bring your customers to life through personas that deliver impact.

  • A structured template for creating meaningful customer personas.
  • Downloadable and shareable with your team and stakeholders.


Interactive, shareable journey maps

Create and share a library of interactive customer journeys using an adaption of the Service Blueprint.

  • View your journeys in a visual map, or review all touch-points in a comprehensive journey table.
  • Detailed journey data at your fingertips, including average emotion and volume by actor, stage and flag.


Intuitive, easy journey map creation.

Creating, codifying or digitising your journeys has never been easier.

  • A simple drag-and-drop interface for creating and managing journey touch-points.
  • Easily add detailed information to each touchpoint, including specifying actors, customer quotes, emotion and specific flags.


A library of CX experiments

Create and manage your library of hypothesis driven CX improvement opportunities.

  • Create experiments using a science-based hypothesis template.
  • Assign experiments to journeys, or assign specific touch-points within a journey.
  • Schedule and manage the status of your experiments.

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100% free on the basic tier.
No credit-card required.
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Super simple pricing.

We help organisations learn how to deliver great customer experiences by embedding our unique culture-first CX methodology.


CX Starter

1 collection. 6 personas. 3 journeys. Unlimited experiments.

One editor per collection.

Custom branding.

Restricted collection sharing.


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CX+ Plus

Unlimited collections, personas, journeys and experiments.

Add unlimited editors to each collection.

Custom branding.

Full public collection sharing.


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For teams.

We can provide customised offerings to suit your organisations specific needs.

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