Create Customer Champions.

Our Customer Culture Program will help your organisation maximise every moment and turn your customers into brand champions.

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Customer experience training to suit every team.

We help organisations learn how to deliver great customer experiences by embedding our unique culture-first CX methodology.


Online, self-paced
CX modules

Our online training program means you can explore the core ideas behind our Customer Culture Program at your own pace, and tackle your CX transformation on your own terms.

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Customer Culture
Transformation Program

The Customer Culture Program is our unique transformation program that works with your entire organisations to build a leading CX culture and capability.

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Workshops, mentoring
and consulting

We can provide customised programs and offerings to suit your organisations specific needs, including bespoke workshops, 1:1 mentoring and CX strategy development.

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Transform your organisation into a Customer Culture.

Customer Culture is a transformation program for organisations looking to dramatically improve their customer experience outcomes in a structured way.

The program includes intensive skills-building sessions that build capability through the creation of critical CX deliverables for your organisation, including personas and customer journey maps.

The program helps embeds a culture of CX in your organisation through the creation of ongoing CX ideation and implementation routines.

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Who is
it for?

Organisations big and small and from a wide-ranging of industries can benefit from the Customer Culture program. Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 company, the methodology delivers impact.

Who is

Our culture-first approach involves all levels of the organisation, from senior leadership, CX managers and customer experience team members.

How does
it work?

We take a structured approach to understanding your culture and current state CX processes, before working with you to build a plan customised to your unique opportunities and challenges.

What are
the outcomes?

The Customer Culture program delivers immediate value by working with team members to co-design customer personas, map customer journeys and identify CX improvement ideas through intensive skills sessions.

A structured approach to building a great Customer Culture.

Our Customer Culture approach is an intensive transformation program that works with your entire organisation to build the skills, tools and mindsets to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Customer Culture Baseline Survey

Quantifying your CX strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • We work with you to establish a baseline of your current culture by asking your teams to complete our rapid Customer Culture survey.
  • The Customer Culture survey is recommended to be run every 6-months following the completion of the transformation program roll-out.

'Leading a Customer Culture' Workshops.

Working with the leaders to learn how to develop a learning Customer Culture.

  • When it comes to CX, leading from the top is critical. We work with your leadership team to understand what it takes to build a leading Customer Culture and the role they need to play to get there.

Customer Culture Champions training.

Hands-on, impactful training sessions.

  • We work with you to identify a cohort of Customer Culture Champions. These are the role-models who will help lead the charge in implementing, embedding and supporting others in the CX transformation.
  • These Champions attend a 1-day intensive workshop through which they are armed with the skills and tools to help embed the Customer Culture philosophy into their teams. Champions also have the opportunity to co-facilitate Bootcamp sessions with the rest of the organisation.

Customer Culture Bootcamps.

Interactive and impactful training sessions

  • Our Customer Culture Bootcamps are hands-on interactive half-day sessions that work with your organisations to build up CX capability, focusing on design thinking and service design frameworks.
  • Each Bootcamp works with your teams to co-design customer personas and map customer journeys relevant to their role. Through each Bootcamp the Customer Knowledge Library is iteratively built.
  • Participants walk away with a knowledge of customer-centric thinking, and how to use key tools - such as persona and journey maps - to ensure they maximise every moment in their roles.

CX over time.

Organisation routines to ensure CX becomes part of your DNA.

  • We work with your CX team and leadership group to ensure the impact of the program is maximised through a structured implementation and embedding program.
  • This phase includes setting up organisation routines to review personas and journey maps and development pilot programs for CX improvement initiatives.

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Customer Culture Program

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Self-paced, online
CX modules

The online Customer Culture program allows CX leaders to upskill themselves and their teams at their own pace through a library of professional training videos, reference material and access to an ever-growing CX toolkit.

Access to our online Customer Culture program is only $499 per person, and includes 3-months access to the CX+ platform for one user.

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Kickstart your
Customer Culture.

The online Customer Culture program includes 6 self-paced modules which each include self-paced tutorials, video content, readings as well as a suite of powerful tools to add to your CX toolkit.

Module 1


Understand what it means to be a customer-centric organisation, and find out where and how you need to improve.

Module 2

Customer Personas.

Use powerful empathy tools to create personas that identify the core needs and behaviours of your key customer segments.

Module 3

discovery and research.

Use existing customer data to identify your core customer segments, then conduct lean interviews to gather insights about their behaviours and needs.

Module 4

Customer Experiences.

Learn how to use powerful service design blueprinting tools to map your customer journeys and identify pain points and opportunities for improvements.

Module 5

CX Experiments.

Design and prioritise rapid CX experiments that resolve pain points and leverage opportunities to surprise and delight your customers.

Module 6

CX Routines.

Measure the impact of your CX experiments and begin to embed customer-centric thinking into the way you work.

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Customer Culture Program

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Workshops, mentoring
and consulting

We can provide customised services to meet your specific objectives, challenges and timelines.

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Strategy Design

We can help you explore, develop, implement and refine your CX strategy. We work with you to understand your specific objectives and challenges, and rapidly put opportunities into practice.

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team workshops

We can deliver customised CX workshops for you and your team, on premise or delivered remotely. Our workshops are hands-on and toolkit-based, meaning you walk away with powerful new ideas to implement in your business.

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and consulting

We provide custom, individualised coaching and mentoring sessions for CX leaders and teams looking to help their organisations become more customer centric.

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